Improve your running with the Alexander technique
Cost: £15

Coming dates:
• February 2011. Dates and venues to be announced soon. Please check again later.
• March 2011. Dates and venues to be announced soon. Please check again later.

What’s it about?
Do you want to learn to run in a way that puts less stress on the body? You're not alone: An estimated 66% of runners say they are held back by at least one injury per year.

Paul Marsh is an Alexander technique teacher and runner who can show you principles that will change the way you run for the better, allowing you to run longer distances more effectively, even how to reinvigorate a running career previously curtailed by injury.

This event is suitable for runners of all ages and abilities, and also those who would like to run but currently find it difficult.

Participants are guided towards a running style that is more like the way you would run if barefoot, with the weight of the body landing on the front of the foot rather than the heel, an approach that recent studies confirm is more effective and (it could be argued) ‘natural’. But we won’t actually be taking our shoes off.

To reserve a place on this or similar workshops in the near future, please email running@ or call 07905 325739, or you can RSVP via Facebook

The workshop employs the principles of the Alexander technique and draws on the work of Malcolm Balk, an Alexander teacher and the author of Master the Art of Running.

This event was run in 2009 in Brighton, in conjunction with TakePart Brighton & Hove International Festival of Sport:.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday, it gave me some really helpful tips and I am looking forward to trying a few things out this week.&rdquo                                                                                           Richard Thrush, Brighton.



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